Movies We Love


I really LOVE going to see movies!

This is a sketch of me and my little sister, Brianna, watching that new movie, UP!

Brianna is freaking out at that super-scary part where those really mean dogs are chasing the nice-but-cranky old guy, the cute-little-boyscout kid and that wacky, fuzzy bird.

I’m NOT going to say how the scene ended just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet :-p.

But, the crazy part is this–that lady in the picture I’m dumping my box of popcorn on is NOT my mom! I’m SO not lying to you. I don’t even know that lady!

She’s just some stranger sitting next to me, who was SO annoyed I thought she was going to slap me silly.

NEVER, EVER take your BRATTY kid sister to the movies with you!

DORK DISH: Tell me about the last movie you saw. Would you give it 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars? 5 Stars is a super-good movie and 1 Star is a super-sucky movie. OR, did you see the movie, TWILIGHT? Did you like it and how would you rate it?