I can hardly believe that HALLOWEEN is right around the corner!

And, YES! Brianna has already dragged out her stupid, fake spider and actually tried to scare me with it (AGAIN) this morning. HOW?!

By burying it in my bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal, that’s how :-(!

OMG! I almost had a HEART ATTACK when I saw those fuzzy spider legs drenched in milk sticking out of my cereal.

My bratty little sister needs some serious counseling, that’s for sure!

BTW, the picture you see above is a sketch of my last Halloween costume. You probably recognize it from my October diary entries.

Anyway, UNFORTUNATELY, I don’t have the slightest idea what I should be this year.

So, I REALLY, REALLY need your help, ‘KAY!

Do YOU have any suggestions for what I should be for Halloween? If so, please post them below.

I have less than a week to come up with something and I’m starting to get a litte worried.

And, while you’re here, tell me what YOU plan to be for Halloween AND what YOU’LL be doing.

Will you be Trick-Or-Treating with your BFF’s?

Or, attending a super fun Halloween party and hoping your CRUSH will finally notice you’re alive and ask you to dance?!

Maybe you’ll just be chilling out at home and handing out candy to all the ghouls who ring your doorbell?

Inquiring minds (like MINE) really wanna know :-)!!