Hi everyone!, which also has an official countdown thingy.

In the meantime, can you guess…

What color the cover is going to be?

What I’m going to be doing in the picture on the cover?

What the book is about?


I’m been super busy finishing up Dork Diaries Book 3, TALES FROM A NOT-SO-TALENTED POP STAR!

YEP! That’s the name of my new book!


That was me screaming in excitement.

Since the book will not be available until Spring 2011 and you all have been waiting so patiently, I have a really big surprise for you.

Would you like to see a SNEAK PEAK of my new cover?!

YES…? I thought so!

On Saturday October 9th, I’ll be posting the brand NEW COVER right here at,


That was me screaming again.

So, be sure to check back on Saturday to see the new Book 3 cover.

Post your guesses below.

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