OMG! So much has been happening around here lately that my head is spinning :-)!

FIRST, my book, DORK DIARIES: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-FABULOUS LIFE, won the 2010 Children’s Choice Book of the Year Award for the 5th/6th grade division!

SQUEEEEEEE! That was me screaming in excitement!!!

Here is a drawing I did of me holding my award!

Is it not BEAUTIFUL?!!

I’d like to say THANKS to all of you who voted for my book.


SECOND, my new book, DORK DIARIES: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-POPULAR PARTY GIRL is going to be released in just a few days on TUESDAY, JUNE 8TH!!

SQUEEEEEE! That was me screaming AGAIN!

THIRD…my wonderful publisher, Simon & Schuster/Aladdin, has just emailed me to let me know that Book 2 has been shipped out and is already on it’s way to all of my WINNERS of the VALENTINE’S DAY POETRY CONTEST!

This means that all of you winners who emailed me to claim your prize should be receiving your book ANY DAY NOW! How exciting is THAT!

SQUEEEEEE! That was me screaming a THIRD time!

As soon as your book arrives, come to my blog and post here and say, “Woo Hoo! I GOT MY BOOK!!” Okay?!

And, guess what I’m doing now!

Watching TV? NO!

Hanging out with Chloe and Zoey? NO!

Eating a baloney sandwich? NOO!


You guessed it!!!!

OMG! You people are SO smart!!

My mom is calling me now, so I gotta go!

TTYL :-)

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