Squeeeeee! That’s the sound of me being TOTALLY psyched because all is right in the world again!

I was SO bummed out about Chloe and Zoey being mad at each other, especially because it was over something so silly.

If Zoey kicked Chloe’s cat or tried to set her hair on fire, than I could totally understand why Chloe would be super upset. But ruining some magazines while flirting with a crush? SO not a big deal!!

I wasn’t sure if I should butt out or try to help, but I think I did what any good friend would do. (I took some of your advice!) I trapped them both in the janitor’s closet and yelled, “Snap out of it and love each other dang it!!!”

OK, so it wasn’t quite like that. But it DID involve the janitor’s closet.

Chloe and Zoey weren’t talking to each other, which was totally weird since we all sit at the same lunch table. They were just sitting there with sad little puppy dog faces on Wednesday.

SO depressing! Seriously, I didn’t even enjoy my chicken nuggets…and I LOVE when it’s chicken nuggets day!!

Today I decided enough was enough! So I put notes in both of their lockers.

In Chloe’s note, I wrote, “OMG I’m so sad! I didn’t finish my homework yesterday and my mom grounded me for TWO WEEKS! I need to talk ASAP! Meet me in the janitor’s closet at lunch!”

In Zoey’s note I wrote, “OMG Brandon seems totally mad at me, and I have no idea what I did! I need your advice ASAP! Meet me in the janitor’s closet at lunch!”

I know I lied to both of them. I had to! It was for their own good!

Chloe got there first. She gave me a big hug and was all like, “That stinks you’re grounded, but I’ll IM you every afternoon to keep you company!” See, that’s why I love that girl!

Then Zoey came in and looked totally surprised to see Chloe there. (I kind of thought they would have seen that coming…the janitor’s closet it OUR place…ALL of our place!)

Zoey wasn’t rude or anything, but I could tell she felt a little awkward.

She went, “Looks like you guys have this boy emergency under control…” which made Chloe kind of confused. She was like, “WHAT boy emergency??” I should have just written the same note to both of them!

From there I just blurted it all out:

“OK, so we are all best friends, and I love you both and I know you both totally love each other! We’ve all been through SO much together! It’s TOTALLY weird that the two of you aren’t talking, and so I brought you here to remind you both why NOTHING should ever ruin our totally awesome friendships!!”

First I pulled out a picture of the three of us from that photo booth thing in the movie theater and said, “Exhibit A: We all have so much fun together AND we look super cute in group photos!”

Next I pulled out a friendship bracelet Chloe made me, that looks just like ones she made for herself and Zoey, and said, “Exhibit B: We’re total BFFs AND we have the bracelets to prove it!”

Then I said, “Exhibit C…” and paused.

At the same time, they both said, “What??”

And then I said, “We all think so much alike! Seriously, we could totally finish…” and paused again.

At the same time, the both said, “Each other’s sentences!” And then we all started laughing.

Zoey told Chloe she was super sorry for spilling our Root Beer floats on all the magazines. Just like I thought, Chloe said she wasn’t really mad about that. She just felt bad because there aren’t any boys calling or IMing her right now.

So we all made a pact right then: None of us will ever let little things pull us apart again…AND we’ll make sure we don’t get too crazy over boys.

Someday we’ll all have real boyfriends, but even then, the most important thing is that we’re all BFFs. And NOTHING will ever change that!