OMG I NEED some new summer clothes!!!

I know a while back I wrote about creative ways to turn old clothes into SUPER CUTE summer clothes. And I’ve come up with some totally awesome stuff to wear!

But you CAN’T make your own bathing suit. (I mean, I guess SOME people can…like people who make bathing suits for a living!)

But I definitely can’t make a bathing suit, and I only have two old ones!

I realize there are starving kids in other countries and they would be SUPER grateful to have two bathing suits. If I could give every one of them a new bathing suit, I would!!

But my Dad always says charity starts at home. I have NO idea what that means, but I think it means my mom should buy me a new bathing suit!!

Since she already bought that kiddie pool for Brianna, I’m thinking now’s a good time to ask her again. Of course, I need to be SUPER compelling, so I made up a list of 10 reasons why I get should some new summer stuff ASAP! Here’s my note:

Dear Mom,

I need some new summer clothes!! Here’s why I should get them:

1 I’d be totally willing to do extra stuff around the house to earn some money for the clothes…and that means you can use this as an opportunity to teach me about the value of a dollar!

2. My FAVORITE shirt from last summer has a big hole…right in the stomach! Don’t ask me how that happened. If I had to guess, I’d say Miss Penelope got hungry!

3. There are currently THREE pairs of shorts in my trash barrel because I don’t fit in any of them. Yup, that’s right…THREE! I’m a healthy, growing girl, which means I will eventually NEED new stuff!!

4. I plan to play with Brianna A LOT and we all know that girl can make a HUGE mess. If I get some new clothes, I can get a TON of paint on my old ones and it won’t matter!

5. The more stuff you buy for me now, the more stuff I can pass down to Brianna someday…and she’ll really like that! She’s ALWAYS trying to be like me!

6. I’m TOTALLY okay with buying some stuff from a cheap department store. I don’t even care if it’s all the cheapest stuff on the clearance rack!

7. You can buy me some new socks while we’re out so that you don’t have to give me any at Christmas, like you do every year. And wouldn’t it be nice to save some money around the holidays?

8. If I look really cute in the clothes, you could take pictures of me in them and maybe the store will want to use those pictures for their website. You could TOTALLY take a huge percentage of my earnings as a Momager (Mom-Manager) fee. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?

9. If I get some new clothes, I can donate the old ones I don’t really love to charity. Wouldn’t you be so proud to know your daughter’s helping other girls in need?

10. Anything I buy this year I could sell on eBay next year if the people at the charity place don’t want it. OK, so that probably won’t happen…but my other reasons are all REALLY good!


Your super grateful daughter Nikki

So that’s my list of reasons. I’m pretty sure after reading this my mom will just hand me her credit card and tell me to go nuts buying what I want online.

Yeah right! That probably won’t happen, but maybe I’ll at least get that yellow bathing suit I wanted.

Fingers crossed! :)