This week’s question came in anonymously. It reads:

We’re having a dance soon. I kind of like this person in my class who’s a year older than me. He’s a bit crazy, but that’s why I kind of like him. He has a good sense of humor. He’s smart.

I think he kind of likes me, too, because at random times he’ll do stuff that involves me, like: picking me for this game called “Seven Up,” asking me for lead for his mechanical pencil, and saying I’m really nice. Does he like me? I kind of like him! I’m horrible at expressing myself. PLEASE HELP!!!!

My Advice:

I TOTALLY feel your pain!! It can be super tough to know if someone’s into you.

I can’t even tell you how many hours I’ve spent in the janitor’s closet with Chloe and Zoey trying to interpret stuff Brandon’s done!!

Like, “He just asked me if I like pepperoni or sausage better. Do you think he wants to take me on a real date for pizza, and THAT’S why he’s suddenly interested in my meat preferences??”

Or, “I just dropped my book and we BOTH bent down to pick it up. Do you think he’s just SUPER polite, or that he really wanted to touch my hand and knew that I’d bend down to get it, too?”

I wish they wrote a manual for this kind of stuff…but since no one has, I guess I have to do it!

The Dork’s Guide to Knowing If Someone’s Into You:

1. When he has a chance to pick you for something, he does!

That “Seven Up” thing…it’s DEFINITELY a sign!!

Brandon picked me to be his partner in biology class so that we can sit together. He chose me because he likes me, not because I get straight A’s in that class. (I DEFINITELY don’t!)

If he’s picking you on the regular, he might be crushing big time!

2. He compliments you on stuff.

He might just be SUPER OBSERVANT, and he needs you to know that from what he can see, you’re a pretty nice person. But that’s unlikely.

Sometimes, guys aren’t all that observant! I remember one time I wore the same shirt three days in a row because I convinced myself it was my “lucky shirt” and I needed it for midterms.

On the third day, Brandon said, “Hey, that’s a nice shirt. Is it new?” Maybe he just wanted to talk to me and he couldn’t think of anything else to say. Either way, it was a sign he’s into me…just like YOUR CRUSH calling you nice is a sign HE’S into you!

3. He turns to you in his moment of need.

Running out of lead isn’t a crisis or anything, but still, it says something that he turns to you when he needs it.

Out of ALL the people in the WHOLE world he could ask for lead, he asks YOU! (Okay, so that’s an exaggeration…it’s more like, “Out of all the people in your class who happen to also use mechanical pencils…” but you get my point!)

Some boys don’t like asking people for stuff because they like to pretend they’re all strong and independent, so when they DO ask you for something, it’s totally a sign they’re into you!

I actually wrote a blog post about this before…so if you want to learn even more ways to know that your crush is into you, check it out!


And oh yeah, about expressing yourself: you don’t really need to be good at it. It’s not like you have to prepare a speech letting him know how you feel or anything.

Maybe you could just say something cute and funny, like, “So the dance. I bet you want to go with a nice person who’s a pro at “Seven Up” and always has a ton of lead to spare…”

That’s what I’D say…but keep in mind, I’m a TOTAL dork!!

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for our anonymous lovesick friend??


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    Merry Cat says

    My crush is also a year older. He isn’t in the same school as me. He goes to the same church as me though. I sometimes catch him staring at me and he looks away later. He’s smart, athletic (Except bad at goalie in soccer and ping pong LOL) the rest he’s good. He plays hockey and basketball. We talk sometimes and he’s really nice to little kids (except maybe his little bro? IDK he was probably joking around)