b'?! frilly MATCHING Princess Sugar Plum dresses.Then Mom got all emotional and teary-eyed.Girls, the best part is that tomorrow youll be wearing these beautiful dresses to a VERY special event!I was like, Mom! Are you KA-RAY-ZEE??!!But I just said that inside my head, so no one elseheard it but me.I hoped that the event was going to be at a junkyard, an abandoned parking garage, a cowpasture, or a sewage treatment plant. Anywherethered be a limited number of life-forms to see me in that UGLY dress!Mom giggled and begged us to open our secondMOM!! WHAT THE . . . ?!!present. Judging from the very small size, I was A PRINCESS SUGAR PLUM DRESS?!" hoping it was a box of matches.Apparently, Mom had paid our neighbor lady,Then Id be able to BURN my new dress in the Mrs. Wallabanger, to make us these sickeninglyfireplace. But no such luck !176 177'