b'SQUEEE !!Hey! It could actuallyFRIDAY, DECEMBER 20happen!! Hmmm . . . I wonder how much privateToday is the last day of school! This means Im lessons with a figure skating coach cost . . . ? officially on winter break! WOO-HOO !STOP! NIKKI, OPEN YOUR EYES BEFOREChristmas is my most favorite holiday! WHY?!YOU CRASH INTO THAT WALL!OMG! Because you get lots of presents AND a long vacation from school! Its like having a birthday and a mini summer vacation all rolled into one.How cool is THAT?!The only downside is that by the time you hit middle school, most parents really start slacking off on their gift-giving responsibilities.Every year I get the same old cruddy giftspajamas, socks, fruitcake, and an electric toothbrush with no batteries in it (DUH!).Im so DISGUSTED! I have such a large inventory ME, AS A GRACEFUL ICE PRINCESS TRAININGof cheap, junky gifts I could actually open my own WITH MY COACH! DOLLAR STORE or something. . . .170 171'