b'SURPRISE!! For Family Sharing Time, wereWHY was my mom giving me an UGLY dress and going to see theNutcracker a BORING ballet theater ticket, when Ive beenballet! Mom exclaimed. BEGGING for a new CELL PHONE for, like, FOREVER?!I was SO frustrated I wanted to scream!Had she not even BOTHERED to READ the AAAAAHHHHH!" twenty-seven copies of my wish list that I had discreetly left lying around the house?!Hey, if Im gonna watch a stage show, it better include slammin vocals, krazy-good dancers, special effects, fireworks, loud guitar solos, and crowd surfing.I am so NOT looking forward to this.If Mom really wants to TORTURE me, she should just make me stay home and BABYSIT BRIANNA while blasting Dads LAME disco music until my EARS BLEED.Im just saying . . .!!178 179'