b'14He will listen to me patiently for an ENTIRE hour as long as Daddy pays him $480 a session. AND, I get to go TWICE a week if I want to!!How COOL is that!Im a VERY lucky girl! But, please dont be jealous of me, okay. I feel really SORRY for you Nikki, because ALL you have for emotional support are your very WERID parents.And, this STUPID little diary.And, nobody else cares about you!Except, maybe your bratty little sister, Brianna. Oh, and Chloe and Zoey. And, probably, Marcy, Violet and Jenny.Of course, theres also Theo and Marcus.And, Brandon?Rumor has it that hes so OVER you!Sorry hon, but your BOO has moved on.My point is that YOU have no REAL friends WHATSOEVER!'