b'20So, Nikki, as you can see, I did not STEAL your diary!!Actually, you should THANK ME for what I did! Because, otherwise, the pages containing your deepest, darkest secrets would be plastered all over the hallways by now. I had every intention of returning your diary to you before Social Studies.But, I barely got to class on time since I had to stop by the girls bathroom to brush my hair.And, then I planned to give it back to you after PE class.But, our gym teacher made me run 3 extra laps for talking to Jessica about your disgusting, puke colored coat during exercises.And, lastly, I was going to give it to you in Bio.But, I was preoccupied with FLIRTING with BRANDON, while you watched and pretended that you WERENT insanely jealous!So, at the end of the day, I was FORCED to take your diary home with me for safekeeping!'