b'SUNDAY, AUGUST 3 The LAST thing I wanted to do was hang out with Chloe and Zoey at the CupCakery.It has been two days since I publicly humiliated myself, and Im STILL feeling down in the dumps. . . .So I texted my BFFs and gave them the lame excuse that I couldnt go because I was busy cleaning my room.I was surprised when they actually volunteered to come over and help me. This made no sense WHATSOEVER because Chloe and Zoey were ALWAYS complaining about how much they HATED cleaning their OWN rooms!MEWHY were they suddenly so ANXIOUS to help ME clean MINE?!!Finally I gave in and agreed to meet them at the CupCakery. But then they insisted on picking me up.And during the car ride over, I noticed they were acting very suspicious and texting each other even though they were both sitting in the back seat.When I got to the CupCakery, I discovered why. . . . 24 25'