b'Some guy was pointing at MY FACE on HIS cellMONDAY, AUGUST 4phone while he and his friends had uncontrollable fits of HYSTERICAL laughter. The stuff I overheard those kids say about me was stuck in my head and playing on repeat.CLOWN ACT?! SERIOUSLY, DUDE?!!It got so bad I was seriously thinking about I just stood there, STARING at them in SHOCK. QUITTING my band. But after getting a good nights rest, Im starting to have second thoughts.What little dignity and self-respect I had left just SHRIVELED UP, CRAWLED AWAY, and DIED!! I think Chloe and Zoey are probably right. Im TOTALLY overreacting.OMG! I was RIGHT all along!Accidents happen. Its NOT the end of the world.THE ENTIRE WORLDI really LOVE performing with my band. Even if it means sharing the stage with Pickles the Clown REALLY IS LAUGHINGand being paid with CUPCAKES.AT . . .Also, school starts in a few weeks, and by ME!! that time, kids wont remember any of this or even care.I need to stop stressing out over every little thing ! and just CHILLAX!32 33'