b'I had to admit, they were probably right.Like, what sane and rational person would even careEVERYONE ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS STILL LAUGHING AT THAT REALLY about what happened at some RANDOM, small-townHILARIOUS CLOWN ACT!!Summer Fun Fest concert?! YOU MEAN THE GUY WHO WAS JUGGLING?OMG! Hanging out with my SUPERsupportive friendsNO! THIS made me feel SO much better! PATHETIC BAND!!Im really LUCKY to have them in my life!By the time we left, Id totally forgotten how AWFUL Id been feeling for the past couple of days.I was finally back to my normal,HAPPY, ENERGETIC, and CONFIDENT self!But then I realized I had left my gift card on the table and went back into the CupCakery toI ACCIDENTALLY OVERHEAR KIDS FROM MY get it! . . .SCHOOL TALKING TRASH ABOUT ME! 30 31 301301301'