b'Like, WHO would even say such CRUEL and HEARTLESS things like that about CHILDREN?!Well, okay. Were actually TEENS!! But STILL . . . !!And when I cautiously peeked out from under the curtain, I totally FREAKED OUT!MacKenzie Hollister was in the front row RECORDING the entire thing with her cell phone !And get this!!She had the nerve to walk right up to me and shove her cell phone in my face (without my permission) like we were BFFs about to take a SELFIE or something! MACKENZIE ISSUPER CUTE, Calling MacKenzie aMEAN GIRLis anGLAM, AND DEADLY!!understatement. I have no idea why that girl HATES my GUTS!! Shes a SCORPION with blond hair extensions,Anyway, now MacKenzie has aPERMANENTdesigner shoes, and pink glittery eye shadow! . . .record of the mostHUMILIATING20 21'